Monday, October 7, 2013

The EWM Boy's Bow Tie Shirt

This shirt is one of my favorite things we have ever created! It's up-cycled! So its good for the environment, each piece is one of a kind and so on trend with what's going on now in boy's fashion. 
We set out to make a shirt with a bow tie. Not just any bow tie but a really cool, hipster bow tie! 
We wanted a bow tie that wouldn't need constant re-adjusting and "fixing". We wanted a bow tie that would fit nicely on the neck like a real bow tie! After a few trial and errors we settled on this great, fantastic, fabulous and oh so genius design. 
We made a "real" bow tie just like we would make a regular boys bow tie for our shop. But instead of adding hardware and such we simply added the bow tie to the underside of the collar! It is so simple to tie and it really stays in place nicely (you don't turn your head for half a second and find the bow tie hanging of your son's shoulder). 
We also wanted to make sure this shirt was easy to wash and wear. And it really is! When the shirt gets dirty (and it will) you just throw the whole thing, bow tie and all, into the washing machine and wash away. Tumble dry. Then if the bow needs a booster just take a warm iron to the bow tie and it will crisp right up. 
This shirt can look dressy when paired with a little cotton suit. The bow tie shirt really shines with a pair of vintage wool pants and suspenders. But if you like, you can certainly dress it down with colored jeans and a cardigan. 

I think I have made my point... this shirt is so cool! 

A few of these fab one of a kind shirts in action! 

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