Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Home.

My family was coming for Wolfy's first birthday so I had to clean. 
It seemed like the perfect time to take some shots to share! :) 
My style is very eclectic, I am fickle and love design so much that I am drawn to all kinds of styles. 
I love the look of a modern scandinavian room but its a little to plain for me. I have a special place in my heart for bold-graphic details and classical finishes. I also like a rustic look and different textiles get me every time! 
My husband is a student pastor and we live in one of the Church houses. So with that we can't really paint the walls or change a lot of things so we are working with what we have! Also I have been on this kick of throwing things away (which is a big deal to me) and only buying/keeping things that I really love. Being surrounded by things that I really like makes me happy and throwing away the excess leaves more space and feels cleaner. 
In my home I strive to be myself, not decorate for what is in style or the latest trend. I want my son and my husband to feel at home and comfortable, I want my house to feel lived in. 

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