Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Wolf and His Eclectic Room

So my friend (@everydaybay) and I were talking, and we mentioned how in a perfect world we would live in a downtown loft with exposed bricks and beams and white walls with so much sunlight. At this point that is not our life. We live in a older house that is very limited with what we can do it (since we don't own it) as far as paint and up-dating. I do love the old character of the house though! The door handles are so great and there is a great chair molding in some of the house that I just love. So when I decided Wolf needed a more "big boy" room we had to get creative. 

In my previous nursery post I mentioned how every piece of furniture in the room was given to us or bought secondhand. I mean, we spent under $150 on every piece in the room! 

I really love this room. The vibe is easy going, kid friendly and oh so eclectic.

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