Friday, July 26, 2013

Mexican Swing.

Little WWR got his 2 months shots today (yes, a month late). He was so brave! He cooed and talked to all the nurses. He was especially adorable to the lady who was to administer the shots. She said, "Please don't smile at me, I wont be able to do this if you keep smiling!"Then she stuck him with a needle as long as my finger. THEN she did it again in the other leg! He went from laughing and smiling to a heart breaking look that seemed to say "what happened?" But he only cried for a minute, as soon as I picked him up and gave him a little snuggle he was fine. When we got home we decided to spend some time outside in Wolfy's swing. 

I got this swing at a garage sale a few years ago (before I was married actually- Hi, my name is Morgan and I am a hoarder). But man I am so glad I bought it!! It was handmade in Mexico (at least thats what the nice lady at the garage sale said). WWR just lays in it and soaks up the sun. He loves looking at the leaves on the tree the swing is in. The way the sunlight filters through the leaves makes for a pretty light show. 

I love little moments like this. 

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