Saturday, January 18, 2014

8 Months Old

Time really does fly when your having fun. It is so hard to believe that WWR is 8 months old. I mean what happened to the last 7 months. My sweet baby boy is so happy and full of curiosity! Everyday is a new experience and a new chance for adventure. Wolfy loves. to. eat. Seriously this kid can put some food away, it is frightening actually. He still loves people, but is more choosy about who he likes. He is going through a kind of attachment phase, sometimes for no reason at all he just cries until Mommy or Daddy come to the rescue. He claps, loves music, squeals, sorta says "da-da", pulls up and stands on his own. He works on his "walking" skills daily with his little walker. Also he eats everything he sees on the floor- yikes. 

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