Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Guest Blog Over on Everyday Bay!

We had the privilege of spending yesterday with some dear and fabulous friends. 
Jerika is a stunningly gorgeous Momma of one, sweet Baylor Jude. 
Obviously Bay and Wolfy are friends... duh. 
They are the most fashionable babies in all the land! 

Here is proof: 

Jerika is the author of the blog Everyday Bay. The blog features some of the cutest little boy fashion and some features on the way Jerika dresses Bay! She also included heartfelt personal stories and just life as a new Mom in general! It is really a great read. You should follow her! 

on IG: @everydaybay 

Here are a few of the pics Jerika took of us: 

PS: Most of the fashion WWR is sporting is E W McCall


  1. Just read the blog from Everyday Bay. FABULOUS. These pictures are amazing!!!

    1. Thanks!! Jerika did an amazing job with these!!