Thursday, August 22, 2013


Our sweet bassinet wear Wolf still sleeps at night. Thinking of a re-do for our next one! This amazing vintage dresser was a one of a kind find! My parents bought a loft in downtown ATL and this beaut was just left behind. So of course I said I wanted it. The drawers are sooo heavy and my husband hates moving the thing but its simply gorgeous. 

The boy will be transitioning out of our room sometime this month. (fingers crossed)

See how much room that bassinet takes up in this tiny room?! I can't wait to get it out. (motivation) 

The trunk is a cool yard sale find. The curtains are a Wal-Mart special (blackout) that I added some canvas napkins I have been hoarding for a while. The napkins fit the curtain just right and made them just long enough (no hemming!) I love our bed. It got a facelift this year when my husband painted it black. 

Vintage pillowcases. Pallet wood side table. Original wall art. 

And just for fun a few pics of Wolfy:

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