Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree:

Confession: I was a scrooge for most of my life. 
I married a man who likes to lay under the Christmas tree and sing carols. 
His infectious spirit has totally rubbed off on me! He just loves Christmas so much that you cannot help but share in the joy!
 I love you for that babe. 

In my family we have always had a real tree, and I really love the look and smell of a real tree! Jerrod's family has always had a fake tree. The first year we were married we found a fake tree for a great price so we bought it. It's a good compromise for now. I mean, who knew trees were so expensive!?
 Since our tree is of the not real variety we can really customize it. This year I wanted a cool base and I thought about what I wanted to do for forever! The other day I ventured to the garage (aka: storage of weird things I don't know what to do with) and Jerrod had a majorly brilliant idea! He said hey why don't we use this old photo enlarger we have lugged all over creation (I'm a hoarder).

Special thanks to Moose for giving me this amazing piece! 

So the decorating began!

Christmas is so magical... who knew? ;)

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